Grass Cures Acne?

Okay, so I was having a bit of fun with the title – the grass I am referring to here is Palmrosa, not weed like most people would think. Now that that is cleared up, let’s learn a bit about this grass.

Here you will not use the grass itself but rather the oil extracted from it. This is considered one of the more obscure essential oils and that is truly a pit as it is quite good for acne.

It is often used in skin regenerating products – studies have shown that it is a very effective and valuable treatment option.

It is a more affordable alternative as well – it improves skin regeneration and helps the skin to heal itself. It works at balancing the natural sebum.

The skin, over time looks fresher, feels fantastic and angry breakouts and the resultant scars are minimized.

It is well known for the soothing effects and can take away that ugly redness prevelant in acne. It also works at killing off acne-causing bacteria. As a solution, it is a winner.

There are some safety concerns, however. The essential oil is highly concentrated and it can damage the skin if not diluted.

A good rule to follow is to use a concentration of no more than one percent oil to whatever base you are using. This should be plenty for adequate results.

If you have a severe breakout, you can make a warm compress with the oil and water and apply to the affected area. The warmth will allow the oils to penetrate.

You will then need to take a clean, damp face cloth to remove the excess oil. Make sure that it is a clean cloth and dab gently at the acne.

This will help to remove some of the redness. Be sure not to tug at the skin and be sure that the face cloth is tepid rather than hot. This will draw bring the acne to a head faster.

Should you choose to make your own nourishing oil. Choose an oil that is suitable for your own skin type. Rose Hip oil is excellent for drier skin and has a lot of scar preventing ingredients.

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